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Paul is a true angel on earth. I will forever be grateful for his humbleness. He is personable, kind, and sticks up for what is right. He is empathetic and compassionate. This attorney is not the typical shark that is after your money... he cares deeply about his clients and his career. His passion for helping others cannot be compared. Paul worked with me for over a year on my case, and I never once felt like a burden or just another client. Paul made me feel like family. Paul made me feel like my case was the only one he had. He gets to know and understand his clients, he treats you like he has known you forever. I highly recommend giving him a call and doing business with him because you will not regret it. I've dealt with attorneys, and he is one of a kind.  A diamond in the rough. If you are in an incident and need help, please give him a call. You will not regret working with him.

- Raichel V.

Paul is the best! So caring and driven and really has his clients best interest at heart. My family will forever be grateful for him and the amazing experience with Hoybjerg Law.

- Alexa L.

Paul has been working with me for years and hasn’t given up on me and my case. I appreciate him and everything he’s done for me. I know he can tackle on anything I’ve got and will listen and help me to the best of his abilities. Great guy!!

- Ashlynn O.

Paul is an excellent lawyer! He was thorough, efficient, and attentive to my questions. His knowledge and connections made my case settle quickly and well. Thank you, Paul for helping us through such a difficult time.

- Suzanne A.

Paul is one of the most devoted attorneys I've ever met. He treats his clients like family and cares deeply about making them whole. Personal injury can be a long process, but Paul keeps clients informed and taken care of every step of the way. If you are looking for an attorney to personally take charge of fighting for you at every step of the way, look no further than Paul!

- Jacob S.

Paul was able to help a family member who was involved in an car accident. He was very helpful and kind, always willing to go above and beyond for his client. Whether it was meeting up closer to home or late night calls / texts he would be always willing to answer any question that arises. We thank him for helping the family members get the treatment needed after the accident, they have been able to recover from the pain it caused. He always will check up with you to make sure things and appointments are going ok and guide you through the process if you have questions. A very dedicated attorney and we appreciate being able to meet and work with such a kindhearted person.

- Dave L.

Paul was truly amazing. I had the chance to work with Paul on an accident case and he went above and beyond, getting us the maximum amount for our accident. He is a known name in the industry and really made the difference on our case that had a lot of ambiguity and unknowns. I would go with Paul over any attorney I have had the opportunity to work with.

- Mike C.

Our family was involved in a MVC accident while traveling out of state. Paul was the attorney that took our case. Throughout the entire lengthy process, he kept us informed and helped us navigate difficult waters. He humanized our family, so we weren't just another few names on a case file. Paul spent extra time ensuring the protection of our children's settlements. Paul truly is an amazing attorney all while being straightforward and professional. I wish there were more like you Paul, you are the best. Our family appreciates you!

- Vianey C.

I know Paul to be a forward-thinking, assertive lawyer who is a man on a mission when he sets his mind to a goal. I've had the pleasure of working with Paul as a thought leader in the technology and tort space. He charges hard towards a final product, critically analyzes the legal landscape and issues, and marches to the finish line with determination. These are the best qualities in an advocate: someone who will persist to the end. I endorse Paul. He is intelligent and indefatigable.

- Henry D.

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to your dedication in helping me get all the aids I can get. I can still remember how lost and scared I was during the early phases of my case. Since the beginning, you’ve always been there to guide and assist me, answering any queries I may have to the best of your ability. There are no words to express how thankful I am. Again, Thank You so much for everything that you’ve done for me. I will never forget your kindness and commitment.

- Loreta M.