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Accident car crash with bicycle on road.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), bicyclist injuries remain a serious concern with a consistent and disproportionate impact compared to other roadway users. Over the years, the number of bicyclists injured in crashes with motor vehicles has averaged about 45,400 annually.

In the greater Sacramento area, there is a significant cycling population due to our favorable weather and extensive urban regions where a substantial portion of these bicycle injuries occur. Bicyclists are especially susceptible to collisions with motor vehicles, and the severity of their injuries can vary widely, often influenced by factors such as the speed and size of the vehicle involved in the impact.

Paul Hoybjerg is an experienced attorney with a personable approach to the circumstances surrounding his client’s pedestrian accident. He’ll help you receive a fair settlement – if you don’t win, you don’t pay.

What is a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

In broad terms, an injured person can file a claim against the party who allegedly caused the injury through negligence. The lawsuit allows you to have personal injury attorneys seek compensation, such as lost wages, medical bills/medical costs from medical treatment, and other pain and suffering costs.

If you believe your serious bicycle accident lawsuit case is worth more than the insurance company offers, and the company’s representative indicates it’s unlikely the offer will increase during injury settlement negotiations, then you must take advantage of Hoybjerg Law’s free initial consultation.

California’s personal injury statute of limitations is two years, meaning if you or your loved one continues to suffer from injuries sustained during a bicycle accident, you can file a lawsuit.

Do not cash a check or sign paperwork related to the serious injuries sustained in your car crash without legal guidance. Doing so may limit your ability to seek legal recourse.

Our personal injury lawyer, Paul Hoybjerg, can help you determine your lawsuit’s scope and options when you meet with him.

Types of Bicycle Accidents We Represent in the Sacramento Area

At Hoybrjerg Law we represent a wide variety of bike-related accidents involving both cars and pedestrians within the Sacramento area. Here are some of the most common accidents we’ve encountered over years of experience successfully representing our clients.

  1. Right Hook Bicycle Accidents: Right hook accidents occur when a car makes a right turn without noticing a cyclist coming from behind on the right side.
  2. Dooring Accidents: This type of bicycle accident happens when a car's door is suddenly opened, causing the oncoming cyclist to crash into it.
  3. Left Cross Accidents: Left cross accidents take place when a car makes a left turn directly in front of an oncoming cyclist.
  4. Rear-End Accidents: A common type of accident where a car hits a cyclist from behind.
  5. Side Swipe Accidents: Sideswipe accidents occur when a car passes too close to a cyclist and hits them at the side.
  6. Clip and Run Accidents: These happen when a car clips a cyclist and drives away from the scene.
  7. Accidents at Stop Signs: These accidents take place when a car fails to stop at a stop sign, leading to a collision with a cyclist.
  8. Driveway or Alley Exit Accidents: These accidents happen when a car pulls out from a driveway or alley right into the path of a cyclist.

    Hoybjerg Law Firm's Process

    Paul Hoybjerg is an experienced bicycle accident attorney representing bicycle accident victims’ claims with common injuries, severe injuries, or wrongful death.

    While each bicycle accident lawsuit is different, our bicycle accident lawyers do follow a proven legal process to achieve results.

    1. Free Initial Consultation

    The aftermath of a bicycle crash can be disorienting, with insurance companies rushing you to settle, especially if you or a loved one suffered a severe injury. Our free consultation will allow you to get to know our law firm, and we’ll listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

    Our philosophy is that if we don’t win, you don’t pay, and that’s reflected in our free consultation.

    2. Investigate The Accident

    We obtain the police report about your accident, examine photos and videos from the crash scene where the accident happened, and speak to relevant witnesses. When we have established liability, we begin to build your personal injury claim.

    3. Build Your Claim

    We want you to receive the care you need to live your life as close to how you did before being hit by a car or accident. When there is nothing, more doctors can do, we help you gather your medical records, medical bills, and other medical expenses incurred. It’s important to seek us out as early as possible so that you receive treatment and build your claim before the two-year statute of limitations to file a personal injury lawsuit.

    4. Negotiate A Settlement

    We will send out a demand package - a collection of all the medical bills and documents that illustrate your injuries, wage loss, etc., since the car accident - to the at-fault party’s insurance company. Paul Hoybjerg and his team will negotiate in your best interest to ensure you receive a fair offer.

    5. Litigate Your Case

    While we hope to settle, there are times when your auto accident claim must go to court. Our team will aggressively represent you and pursue an outcome in your best interest.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Bicycle Accidents

    1. ​​Motorists not seeing bicyclists: Motorists not seeing bicyclists is one of the biggest causes of accidents. Due to a biker's smaller size, drivers may fail to notice them, particularly at night or in poor weather conditions. This underscores the importance of vehicle headlights and drivers' vigilance.​
    2. ​​Improper Lane Changing or Turning: Accidents often occur when drivers do not check their blind spots or fail to signal when changing lanes or making turns, especially right hooks.
    3. ​​Speeding by Motorists: When drivers exceed speed limits, their ability to react to the sudden appearance of cyclists significantly decreases, leading to potential collisions.
    4. ​​Failure to Yield by Motorists: If drivers do not respect cyclists' right of way at intersections or crosswalks, bike accidents can occur.
    5. ​​Motorists Opening Doors without Checking: Often referred to as 'dooring,' this happens when car passengers or drivers open their doors without checking for approaching cyclists.
    1. Medical Expenses: This is often a significant part of compensation and can include both past and future bills related to the accident, including hospital visits, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.
    2. Lost Wages: If an accident leaves a victim unable to work, they can seek compensation for lost income. This also includes loss of future earning capacity if they're unable to return to their previous job due to their injuries.
    3. Property Damage: Victims have the right to claim compensation for damage to their bicycle and other personal belongings involved in the accident.
    4. Pain and Suffering: This form of compensation is given for physical discomfort and emotional distress suffered as a result of the bike accident.
    5. Wrongful Death: If the accident resulted in a fatality, the surviving family members may seek compensation for funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and emotional distress.

    Personable Bicycle Accident Attorneys

    At Hoybjerg Law, your free case evaluation, legal counsel, and legal fees are paid for by your settlement. Our law firm always has the incentive to help you recover compensation because you don’t pay if we don’t win.

    Most personal injury attorneys work for big law firms based in Los Angeles or the Bay Area. Paul Hoybjerg and his team live in the area they represent, ensuring Hoybjerg Law clients have a local advocate to reach a fair settlement.

    Paul takes the time to listen to his client to determine the strength of their bike accident case.

    He has successfully won bike accident cases against major corporations, goliath insurance conglomerates, and other attorneys that try to bully injured parties. Paul is an experienced bike accident lawyer who does not back down and advocates for his clients, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected.