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School Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse of a child is against the law. No teacher, student, coach, parent, administrator, or adult may have a sexual encounter of any type with a child. Tragically, abuse takes place in boarding schools, public schools, private schools, after-school programs, at church, and on sports teams.

Survivors of sexual abuse are not alone. They have worth, and they have a voice. It is never the victim’s fault that they were abused. Hoybjerg Law has years of experience and a sterling reputation for advocating for victims of abuse. We help end the abuse, work with law enforcement, and seek justice for the victim against the person who abused them and the school/institution that facilitated the abuse.

If you or your loved one has experienced abuse at a school or church, you can talk to Paul Hoybjerg to learn more about your rights and ways he can help.

El Abogado Pablo Hoybjerg habla español y puede ayudar a proporcionar justicia a las víctimas por el daño que sufrieron.

Child Sexual Abuse in
Schools, Church, and Institutions

Schools and churches are, tragically, the perfect place for abuse to occur. Children are often alone with adults and trust those adults they are with.

Sexual abuse at schools can include:

  • Touching of body parts
  • A teacher or adult having students sit on their lap
  • Pulling on bras/underwear and clothing
  • Sending and requesting inappropriate photos
  • Sexual comments or jokes directed at a student
  • Inappropriate sexual gestures or movements

If you or your child has experienced any form of sexual harassment or sexual abuse, it is important to call an experienced attorney who handles cases involving abuse, harassment, and bullying. Victims of abuse have legal options available, and a qualified lawyer can help inform you of your rights.

Signs of Abuse

Children and those with disabilities experience abuse. It may be difficult for them to communicate or want to talk about the abuse. Signs of abuse include:

  • Withdrawn behavior and isolation or secrecy
  • Depression
  • Desire to not be touched in any way
  • Radical shifts in grooming or bathing
  • Wearing clothing that either exposes too much of the body or hides as much as possible
  • Difficulty walking, sitting, or standing
  • Severe appetite changes
  • Changed sleeping patterns, excessive or inability to sleep
  • Sexually aggressive behavior
  • Violent or sexually explicit art (writings, drawings)
  • Cruelty to animals, friends, or siblings
  • Unreasonable fear
  • Excessive clinginess
  • Children reverting back to thumb-sucking or bed-wetting
  • Sudden bursts of anxiety or panic
  • Excessive time spent online
  • Destructive behaviors such as self-harm

If you or your loved one have experienced these behaviors, abuse may have occurred. It is important to speak to a professional to begin the process of healing.

Expert School Sexual Abuse Representation

Paul Hoybjerg has years of advocating for victims of abuse. Hoybjerg Law is recognized as a premier Sacramento law firm representing abuse victims. Paul has been featured on multiple podcasts discussing ways to prevent abuse and legal options for victims if they have suffered abuse.

In addition to legally advocating for those who have been abused, Paul also partners with local domestic violence shelters and community foundations to help victims of abuse.

Recovery Available for Victims

The law entitles victims of abuse to seek justice and receive recovery for the harm they suffered. Financial recovery is often secondary to the emotional and psychological healing that a victim can experience. A successfully proven claim or lawsuit can result in damages and compensation for multiple categories, including:

  • Emotional and psychological harm
  • Medical expenditures and bills
  • Medications
  • Past and future therapy costs
  • Past pain and suffering
  • Future pain and suffering
  • Lower quality of life
  • Lost and damaged relationships
  • Lost wages
  • Punitive damages

Hoybjerg Law can help you determine the legal options available to you and then bring a claim against the abuser on your behalf. Speaking with Hoybjerg Law could help ensure that the law is applied to your case and that you receive compensation for the abuse you suffered.

Hoybjerg Law
Can Help Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Each abuse victim is unique and important. Hoybjerg Law relentlessly helps to ensure that the abuse stops, the victim is protected, the responsible party is held accountable, and every action possible to prevent future abuse. Hoybjerg Law is ready to advocate for victims of sexual abuse, including:

  • Sexual abuse in public school
  • Sexual abuse in private school or boarding school
  • Sexual abuse in after-school programs
  • Student-against-student sexual abuse
  • Teacher-against-student sexual abuse
  • Coach sexual abuse of an athlete
  • Sports sexual abuse
  • Cyberbullying
  • Clergy and church-related abuse
  • Institutional sexual harassment and abuse

Paul Hoybjerg has helped several clients find justice against their abusers.

Paul Hoybjerg ha ayudado a varios clientes a encontrar justicia contra sus abusadores.

Areas Hoybjerg Law Serves

Hoybjerg Law is proud to be an active part of the community and represent victims who have suffered abuse. We proudly serve the following areas:

  • Sacramento County School Sexual Abuse Lawyer
  • Placer County School Sexual Abuse Lawyer
  • El Dorado County School Sexual Abuse Lawyer
  • Yuba County School Sexual Abuse Lawyer
  • Sutter County School Sexual Abuse Lawyer
  • Solano County School Sexual Abuse Lawyer
  • San Joaquin School Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Trust Hoybjerg Law as your advocate.

Confíe en Hoybjerg Law como su Defensor.

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